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Q: Can I say anything I want?
A: Just about, but not exactly anything. HTML code will be removed automatically and there are some character limits to how much you can say at one time. However, if you’re adding a comment or your personal description, anything that looks like a URL or image will automatically become clickable and the following tags are allowed:
<u> <b> <i> <em> <br> <strong> <blockquote> <tt> <li> <ol> <ul>

As for content, just about everything is acceptable. We strongly suggest that you refrain from solicitations, hate speech, and the like. Keep the conversations interesting and type intelligently so you can get you’re point across much better.

Q: I submitted an article but now I can't find it, where'd it go?
A: Everything added to the site will be under the “submitted articles” section. Some articles will make it to the front page (see next question). To find your article go to the search page and choose the date you submitted your article and make sure to choose “view – all submitted articles”.

Q: How do articles make it to the front page?
A: All submitted articles are reviewed and some are chosen for publication on the front page. This doesn’t mean that they are more important than others or that they were submitted by the founder’s mom. We look for a range of topics each day; headlines that are clever and/or clearly written; and topic that are timely.

Q: How do I find more information on a topic?
A: To see more articles in a certain topic, you can click the category name, the source, or the country, next to the article’s headline. You can also go to the search page to get even more specific. Or go into the comment page associated with a relevant article and ask other members.

Q: How do I find an article on the front page from 12/09/85
A: Well, wasn't around back then so there's no much info we can provide. For dates after the launch (7/4/04) go to the search page and choose the starting date you want and make sure the view is set to "front page articles".