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This site is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the news and facilitating real discussions at the grassroots level. As media consolidation has yielded a mere handful of providers, the number and diversity of content sources is limited. It has become more difficult to find out what’s happening in your town and the world by watching the 6 o’clock news or reading the paper. Media providers are being forced to reduce their budget so that money can be added to the bottom line of it’s owners, when it should be going to hiring more staff and doing more thorough research. Reporters must consider advertisers’ interests in selecting news content, thus the truly important issues rarely get covered and the tough questions seldom get asked. avoids this trap because it’s YOU who say what’s important. By adding and categorizing links to articles you’ll be able to share with others what you find interesting and important. By commenting on the day’s news we’re helping others (and ourselves) understand different points of view. While participating in these dialogues, we are collectively creating a searchable archive that represents the news and views of the grassroots. This type of discussion is the first step in reclaiming democracy, in the true sense of the word.

More readers and members at means a bigger net can be cast to bring in the best and most important information – and more lively discussions. So tell your friends about the site, sign up for our newsletter, and keep adding articles and comments.

Let your voice be heard. This is your forum.

Key Dates
July 4th, 2004 – is launched.
Sometime in the near Future – The media monopoly is broken and true independent media becomes the standard. Civic participation is at an all time high.

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You can’t. We don’t accept any advertising banners, buttons, pop-ups, pop-unders, towers, or other member solicitations.

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